Western Canvas Supply & Repair


Western Canvas is located in Cody, Wyoming (near the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park).


Coming from a family of outdoor enthusiasts with over fifty continuous years of experience, we know your needs for durable canvas products and guarantee your satisfaction.



Here at Western Canvas Supply & Repair LLC, we pride ourselves on being outdoor enthusiasts and understand the need for quality materials with a rugged construction. Each of our items are hand crafted specifically to endure the harsh conditions of the back country.

The mountains that we love are a magnificent place where anything can happen. Anything should not include your equipment malfunctioning. Here at Western Canvas we want to establish a life long relationship and guarantee your satisfaction of our products.

From the avid hunter with a guiding service or a weekend warrior ready to head to the hills for the night, to the enthusiast who just wants a part of the historical west in his own backyard, we have the product to outfit all of your adventures!


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